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(Most) Wedding Videos Suck...Let's change that

A cute, sweet song

A shot of some trees

No natural audio or sound design

The groom fixing his tie (in slow-mo)

The bride smiling (in slow-mo)

The couple running through a field (in slow-mo)

Everything is in slow-mo

A speech or two

...And that is it.

That is apparently the best that we could come up with as far as "the wedding film". No other ways exist. Copy, Paste, Repeat. This way sucks. You deserve a film that is tailor-made to your story and your day.

I have made a bunch of these videos. And even though my clients were always happy with the final product, I felt that I was being disingenuous. I was following the template of what I had seen done before and was not questioning the status quo for what I wanted to offer. I never want to make "that" film again...

This example above represents the new style for True Medusa Pictures weddings. Although this was a styled shoot and was not a real wedding, it still is a real couple who you get to truly know for a brief period of time. It is intimate, it is "them", and it shows the true love that they have for each other.


Our new approach to cinematography is raw, natural, and (mostly) unposed. We shoot handheld or on tripods instead of on a gimbal to maintain a more natural movement. This is a conscious choice after shooting on a gimbal for years. This lets us be more nimble and capable of doing different types of movements that are not possible on gimbals.

Sound design

The True Medusa approach to sound design incorporates a lot of natural sounds to immerse you in the environment where the wedding day takes place.

If we are in the mountains: the trees, the birds, the crisp air.

If we are at a backyard wedding: the family, the specific echo of your room, the neighborhood.

We want to document the true sounds of your day and then edit and stylize it all together to make you feel like you are really there again.


Not everyone is super comfortable being in front of a camera, so we choose to use prompts instead of specific poses.

"Sing your favorite song for me"

"Stare into each other’s eyes and try to guess what color the other is thinking."

"Get in close for a super sexy kiss. But no kissing until I say so!"


Every love is different. Each of my clients came from a totally different background and their stories of how they met and why their love works could NOT have been more unalike. So why do all their videos look the same? That is just wrong. We choose to highlight intimate moments between the couple and their families that are unique to their story.

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