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Cannabis Content: Client case study

The project:

A web courses management company called Darlo approached True Medusa Pictures to start production on an online video course for their client, Cannabis Content. Their business is centered around helping writers in the cannabis space. We wanted to film a large series of video lesson modules where the video would be an interview-style shot with one or two people on camera.

the Goals:

The objective was to inform budding cannabis writers about reporting best practices, correct language, ethics, resources, and more. We wanted to help make this information easily accessible through fun and short video modules. Keeping track of those modules and staying organized while filming, however, was going to be a challenge all its own...

The Shoot:

We knew that these videos were designed to be shown in a specific order so we had to keep track of which segment was being filmed so the editor could simply look at the thumbnail and know which one was which. We used a dry erase board in place of a slate (sometimes called a clapper) to make notes of scenes, takes, and any other notes for the editor.

We rented a photo studio for the shoot for a full day to achieve a professional and clean look. Even though we shot all in the same location, we had to make each shot have the illusion that it was an entirely different location. Lighting and creative staging were imperative, but you would be shocked to know what a plant in a corner can do to cover a light socket or a weird corner.

The Results:

Though the day was fast, we ended up accomplishing everything that we set out to do thanks to a great team that was creative and flexible. The biggest difference is always going into a shoot having a clear plan and a vision for what you want to be accomplished.

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