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No Barriers USA - Nonprofit Client Overview

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THE PROJECT: Outdoor Nonprofits

No Barriers is a outdoor nonprofit organization that empowers people with physical, mental, or life barriers get into the outdoors and overcome obstacles. Started by Erik Weihenmayer, who is the first climber with blindness to summit Everest, this organization is committed to helping others adopt a similar mindset and provide opportunities for adventure.

They do events throughout the year to encourage outdoor adventure to everyone. True Medusa started its working relationship with No Barriers at their yearly "What's Your Everest?" event, a day that gives people with different capabilities the opportunity to hike 5 miles up Copper Mountain. Some people are assisted by rope teams, while some others just need a guide to help them spot pesky rocks that catch toes and skin knees if you can't see them.

Above photos by We Are Prophecy


- Storytelling videos ranging from 2 to 5 minutes in length.

- Footage for company content library

- Action and event photography from collaborator Owen Braley (We Are Prophecy agency)


1. Introduce No Barriers: Doing video production for outdoor nonprofits is the perfect cornerstone of values and outdoor engagement. The goal for this project was to help further explain what No Barriers actually does for people. Some people have questions about what the organization DOES, which is a big problem for brand awareness. We wanted not to just tell viewers that they change lives, but really show it in progress!

2. Inspire donors and corporate sponsors: Nonprofits are nothing without the people and the organizations that back them with their donations (both time and money). We started a campaign to create feature videos that can be used by the organizations themselves for internal PR and to help encourage greater giving or participation in the future. The first video below shows the beginnings of the 3-year-commitment partnership between Hennessy cognac and No Barriers. This video in particular was instrumental in solidifying the trust in the No Barriers experience in the eyes of Hennessy.

3. Event Coverage: To advertise for future events and get people excited, we need footage to show what the day was like! Talk to people, ask what their favorite parts were, and capture some truly genuine moments of triumph and joy.



"What's Your Everest?" was the first event that True Medusa Pictures produced in partnership with No Barriers. Because of the resulting visuals, we immediately started the preparation for a number of future events and collaborations for the rest of 2023. It has been a great partnership and we are continually working with them on a regular basis.

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