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0 to 36k followers: Sauna Camp, A Branding takeover

Sauna Camp is an outdoor sauna and cold plunge winter experience in Minnesota. For this partnership with a startup enterprise, we decided to go the unconventional route and do a full top-down branding strategy from the logos to the website to the visuals to make sure everything had a consistent voice.

It is one thing to trust a video company with your video ideas, and it is another to trust them with your brand strategy as a whole.

0 followers to 3,000 in 60 days

For our strategy, we chose an Instagram-first content model. This meant that once we had the basic video framework, like a simplified brand video and some visuals on the website, we started filming cinematic footage and putting our brains together to introduce the brand and posting high quality content. No one knows who Sauna Camp is yet, so now is the time to tell them and make a good first impression.

Here are the results from the first 30 days of our branding takeover:

  • 109,000 accounts reached in the first 30 days

  • Multiple posts reaching over 11,000 and 30,000 plays with one reaching 85,000 plays

  • Average of ~4,000+ per-post views

  • Starting an Instagram account with 0 followers and gaining 2,500 in a single month

After 6 months of consistently using this strategy, Sauna Camp is now at the end of its first season with a total of 36,000 followers...and it continues to grow. Because the focus was so heavy on the video content from the start posting on average one Instagram reel per day, they now have a robust, localized following that will propel them into their next season.

  • 30-seconds to 60-second vertical Instagram videos

  • Event coverage as well as general brand footage

  • A "Growing Footage Library" for easy content creation

  • Graphics and brand essentials

  • Motion graphics

  • Drone footage


1. Introduce Sauna Camp: Sauna Camp is a brand new business who was looking to move quickly and aggressively in the content and visuals game in order to make an impact. They are a seasonal business and have a defined operation period between December 1st and April 30th. We need people to know who they are, what they do, and how to buy a pass today.

2. Start a "Growing Footage Library": A common request for clients who are looking to create social media content on their own is a footage library. Phone footage is fine, but it can be time consuming and it definitely has a quality ceiling that any person tends to hit fairly quickly. For a "Growing Footage Library", we go out once a month to film new content, color grade, format, and process the footage and upload it for easy client access. Whenever the creative urge strikes, they can access high quality footage to use and re-use over and over again for a highly efficient experience both in time and cost.

3. Gain a base following: Followers are a form of social proof on the internet. Having 0 is never acceptable if you want to prove you are a viable business, but the first couple thousand are ALWAYS the hardest to get. We started with more general sauna and cold plunge fan content to attract the right type of person who could be a customer. Since they want to be a community-first experience where people can come time and time again to experience their offerings and bond with people who also show up, they need repeat customers...

4. Convert followers to customers: Beautiful imagery paired with meaningful messages targeted toward the type of person who loves sauna and cold plunges on the internet made selling the Instagram of Sauna Camp easy. The trick was to convert those people into customers who would physically show up to Sauna Camp to see what it was all about. We then transitioned from basic sauna and cold plunge fan content into more personal stories about the sauna experience and some Sauna Camp events. Once people knew this was a place they could actually visit and buy a pass to, they showed up and were thrilled to participate.


Here are some of the highest performing posts filmed, edited, and managed by True Medusa Pictures.

At the time of writing this blog post, this video had:

  • 2.7 million views



  • 34.8k saves

  • And reached 1.9 million individual accounts

This means that even though we had much fewer eyes on this post, people watched it multiple times, proving its "stickiness".

At the time of writing this blog post, this video had:




  • 355 saves

  • And reached 136,590 individual accounts

At the time of writing this blog post, this video had:

  • 2.5 million views



  • 29k saves

  • And reached 1.9 million individual accounts

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